My name is Angela, creator & writer at coffee-rank.com blog.

Previously, I owned a coffee bar and coffee beans brand. Besides knowing how to brew coffee, as a business lady, I’ve learned what it’s like to have your own coffee business.

Story behind this coffee blog


Small story

When I was a small child, my caring parents never gave me coffee. They believed that coffee is bad for health. But they like coffee and drink this “poison” with great pleasure everyday… Once I persuaded my mother to treat me to a few coffee. I never thought that it was such a tasty beverage! The palette of colors of taste and aroma captivated me. I fell in love with this coffee.

Step by Step

My dream – tastes like coffee

When I understood that coffee is very tasty, I decided to learn more about it. And I found out that coffee is not bad for health.

Now, when any of my native or friends go to any town or country I ask them to buy me new coffee. And then we taste it together. After a while, I decided to take a barista course. It is so cool to know how to prepare a tasty coffee. Now I can do it and more then. I wouldn’t be myself if I left this knowledge only to myself.

Hobby – My Profession

I opened my little coffee shop at the end of 2019. Every morning I have met many sleepy people with delicious aromatic coffee. I saw people drinking my coffee with great pleasure and it was worth living for… I must have been the happiest person at times like this. Because I could share what I loved and bring joy to others.


When Covid-19 came, unfortunately, like many others, I had to close my favorite case. To say that I was upset is to say nothing. At one point my dream burned in the fire of raging events…

But thanks to my family and friends, I didn’t give up. I’ve decided that life offers me new opportunities that I wouldn’t think about under other circumstances! I decided that I could share my knowledge with more people, thanks to the Internet. That’s how the idea of creating my own blog came about.

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My little secrets

In this blog I will share all my little secrets: from how to choose coffee beans, coffee machine to how to make the most delicious coffee!

What you can expect


I’ll interview people who are in the coffee industry!


I’ll create a little online barista course. Where I will gradually share with you the secrets of coffee making.


I’ll be doing reviews of the best coffee machines. I’ll also share my experience tasting different types of coffee.

If you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch either here, or catch me over on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for reading

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